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Burt Prelutsky
December 02, 2011 Partisan Politics


Who was the dunderhead who came up with the primary system?  I’m not referring to the primary elections themselves, but to the order in which they must be conducted.  There are ancient religious rituals that aren’t held to be this sacred.

When Floridians quite reasonably suggest that their primary should come earlier than it has in the past, the GOP hierarchy threatens to excommunicate them and deny them full representation at the national convention.

But nobody has come up with a reasonable explanation why Iowa and New Hampshire should come first.  If anything, there are good reasons why they shouldn’t.  For one thing, Iowa doesn’t even hold a statewide election; they have something silly called a caucus.  How dumb is that!

As for New Hampshire, it has such a small and unrepresentative a population that if they didn’t have an early primary, most of us could ignore the state all the time, and not merely, as we do now, three out of every four years.  Instead, their importance is inflated in much the same phony way that the Wizard of Oz had his own magnified by billows of smoke, a curtain and a world-class public address system.

That brings us to the elections, themselves.  I accept that we need to have a president, although the more I think about the ones we keep electing, I’m beginning to waver in that belief.  But the truth is, as I have long contended, anyone who seeks the office is obviously insane, a mental case whose ego must live in a rented room somewhere because no human being could possibly cart around anything that huge.

I’m not kidding.  I mean, just imagine that you wake up one day, look around at your fellow 310,000,000 Americans, and decide, “Yep, I’m the guy (or gal) who is best-equipped to run the most powerful nation on the face of the earth.  I’m not saying I know everything I will need to know about the monetary system, Islamic terrorism, the military, the stock market, farm subsidies, Social Security, nuclear energy, the banking industry, the Middle East, education, the IRS, the SEIU, health care or even how to talk to members of the Black Congressional Caucus without giggling, but, doggone it, I’ve always been a fast learner.  Now I just need to raise several hundred million dollars in order to run.  I wonder how much my neighbor Charley will be willing to kick in.”

Or, as Thomas Sowell told Reason Magazine, in relating one of the most dangerous trends coming out of the current administration: “It’s the presumption that Obama knows how all these industries ought to be operating better than people who have spent their lives in those industries, and a general cockiness going back to before he was president, and the fact that he has no experience whatever in managing anything.  Only someone who has never had the responsibility for managing anything could believe he could manage just about everything.”

Finally, the other day I received an email from one of my readers, an American currently living in Argentina.  He started out by letting me know that on 9/11, he was living only a short distance from Dulles Airport, not all that far from the Pentagon.  He decided that if someone wanted to kill us that badly, he should find out why.  In the intervening years, he has read 40 books about Islam.

Because I had written an article in which I wondered why a suicide bomber wouldn’t realize that even though he started out with 72 virgins, he would soon have 72 disgruntled ex-virgins on his hands, my correspondent found that “Islamic theology states that virgins in heaven maintain their virginity for eternity.  If you think this is strange, it also maintains that even though martyrs do a great deal of eating and drinking, that is when they are not too busy entertaining all of their sex slaves, there is neither feces nor urine produced.”

I wrote back to tell him that once a woman loses her virginity, it doesn’t merely change her physically, but psychologically.  So the only logical explanation is that these “virgins” must be those large rubber dolls lonely guys purchase from mail order outfits.  As for there being no need for bathrooms in the Islamic Paradise, the obvious answer is that in death, as in life, the suicide bombers are ambulatory cesspools.”

“Please don’t ask for a cogent explanation for any of this,” he went on, “because there isn’t one.  Islamic theologians are still wrestling with a way to explain it.”

“Well, now that I’ve solved the mystery, you can tell them they can all go back to having sex with goats.”

“By the way,” he concluded, “I use the word theologian loosely, for in reality, Islam utterly rejects the need for theology.  God’s word is simple, plain and clear, and it does not need interpretation.  It only requires memorization and obedience.  Even the idea of trying to interpret and understand God is considered heretical.  Saludos, Richard.”

“Oddly enough, that’s pretty much how I feel about my own words.   Regards, Burt”

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Defending Rinos and Mormons
Burt Prelutsky
November 28, 2011 Partisan Politics

I must confess that I’ve been getting a kick out of Democrats trying to align themselves with the Occupy Wall Street mob.  If ever a political stratagem was destined to blow up in their face, this is it.  For folks who like to brag about their knowledge of history, it’s amazing that they’ve already forgotten what Abby Hoffman and the Yippies demonstrating in the streets of Chicago did to enhance Hubert Humphrey’s chances of defeating Richard Nixon in 1968.  And at least those chowderheads could claim that they were demonstrating against the Vietnam War.  Ask these baboons what they’re demonstrating against and, depending on whom you speak to, you might be told Goldman Sachs, banks in general, George Bush, the Tea Party, oil companies, the U.S. military, Fox News or Martians.

As movements go, this one doesn’t even compare with the one I had this morning.

With Election Day still about a year off, I am already getting into arguments with those conservatives who regard RINO as the dirtiest four-letter word in the English language.  For some reason, they can’t accept that the majority of Americans are not as conservative as they are.  I don’t know why that is.  You would think the indisputable fact that very few actual conservatives win Republican primaries would convince them, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.  No matter how many times I point out that in the Northeast, we’re fortunate that anyone with an (R) after his or her name can get elected, and that even though Collins, Snowe and Brown, aren’t exactly in the mold of John Kyl or Rush Limbaugh, it certainly beats having three Democrats helping Harry Reid maintain control of the Senate.

So, instead of defaming RINOs, we should thank them for helping to keep our numbers competitive on Capitol Hill.  If you think otherwise, ask yourself whom you prefer to have chairing committees: Darrel Issa or Henry Waxman, Peter King or Sheila Jackson Lee?

Also, please keep in mind that these days Ronald Reagan not only wouldn’t pass muster as a true Conservative, he would be disdained as a flip-flopper.  For one thing, he was a Democrat for a great many years.  Then, as governor, he raised taxes twice here in California and signed the most liberal abortion bill in America, although he later said he regretted it.  Finally, as president, he signed the amnesty bill that opened the floodgates to millions and millions of illegals.  I don’t recall if he ever said he regretted it, but, speaking as a resident of a border state, I certainly do.  In other words, any complaint that a Republican feels like leveling at Romney or Perry could, with equal justification, be lodged against The Gipper.

I found it fascinating that Diane Sawyer voiced support for the Occupy Wall Street crowd when they attack the 1% of Americans who are the biggest money-earners.  In order to be included in that group, it seems that you have to make at least $1.1 million-a-year.  Ms. Sawyer, as well as every other high-profile member of the MSM, along with just about every Democrat in the Senate, George Soros, Warren Buffet, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Turner, Bill Gates, Matt Damon, Alec Baldwin, Steven Spielberg, George Clooney, James Carville, Bill and Hillary Clinton, David Letterman, Bill Maher and Michael Moore, all make several times that amount.

But, of course, most members of the street mob don’t care about the political affiliation of those they despise.  In that way, they resemble the liberal loons in Hollywood, where it’s not enough that they succeed, it’s also essential that everybody else fail.  So, no matter what Nancy Pelosi and Diane Sawyer may claim to the contrary, I believe that the Occupiers are less concerned with becoming rich themselves than with punishing those who are already wealthy.

Another group with whom I have a bone to pick are those people who oppose Mitt Romney simply because he’s a Mormon.  I hoped that we had left religious bigotry in our wake when we elected John Kennedy, a Catholic, in 1960, but apparently that’s not the case.

I may not see eye-to-eye with Romney on all the issues, but opposing a good family man who is clearly decent and honest because of his religion strikes me as vile and decidedly un-American.  I would urge you all to keep in mind that he’s not running to be your pastor, priest or rabbi.  To think otherwise puts you, mentally, on a par with a jihadist.

As for Democrats who will attempt to demonize Gov. Romney on the basis of his faith, they would do well to keep in mind that if Romney is a cultist, so is his co-religionist, Harry Reid.  The major difference, of course, is that Sen. Reid really does belong to a dangerous cult.  It’s called liberalism.

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Codex Alimentarius and Initium
Ileana Johnson
November 24, 2011 Food and Farming

We are a nation in great decline, attacked from many fronts by issues born fifty years ago and bearing fruit now, and by individuals who do not hold our nation’s interests at heart.

We are plagued by corruption at all levels of government, the shredding of our Constitution, by stoked hatred, class envy, drugs, anarchists, occupiers, violence, anti-Americanism, perverse Hollywood lifestyles, indolence, anti-Christianity, Sharia Law, UN Agenda 21, and communism worship.

The slow loss of our private property, land, freedoms, and sovereignty are the most glaring symbols of our decline. Many factors will combine to lead to our eventual demise as a superpower.

History repeats itself and we are not paying attention. We have stopped teaching long ago any meaningful and truthful history to our children. We have allowed public schools to replace our Judeo-Christian teaching with Marxist ideology and worship.

Ten million new acres of land have been “voluntarily conserved” and “saved from development” since 2005, according to a five-year census recently released by the Land Trust Alliance, one of the 1,700 private land trusts. By 2010, economic development and freedom of movement was no longer allowed on 47 million acres of land.

The world was stunned when the “Eternal City,” Rome, which had stood unconquered for 800 years, fell under the occupation of the barbarian Alaric the Goth.  St. Jerome, born and raised in Rome, wrote from Bethlehem, “When the brightest light on the whole Earth was extinguished, when the Roman Empire was deprived of its head, when, to speak more correctly, the whole world perished in one city, I was dumb with silence.”

The Western Roman Empire lingered on for 66 more years until 476 A.D. when Romulus Augustus, the last emperor, was deposed by his Germanic commanders.

The Eastern Empire survived until 1453 when it was captured by Ottoman Empire. It called itself Roman Empire but it was Greek in life and language.

Alaric wanted to share the Roman way of life, had been asking for years for the title of allied commander, and wanted land for his men. Despair and deception drove him to attack Rome.

Interestingly, even before attacking and conquering Rome, the Goths had been slowly adopting Roman customs, while many generations of Romans living in distant parts of the empire were influenced more and more by barbarians. Ever more Roman soldiers were recruited from Germanic people who had no loyalty for Rome. You could say that the Romans were destroying themselves from within psychologically and demographically.

There are perhaps similarities between the fall of the Roman Empire and other empires whose influence waned in shorter time. Historians claim that empires tend to last on the average 250 years before decline, loss of power, or complete disappearance.

One of the threats that Romans faced was self-induced. Water was carried through lead pipes; Romans drank from lead cups, cooked in lead pipes, sweetened wine with lead oxide, and even used it as face and hair powder.

Archeological and written texts show that many Romans suffered from paralyzed limbs, headaches, listless, lack of energy, sterility, all classic symptoms of chronic lead poisoning. Excavations at Circencester in southern England, found in the period 1969-1976, 450 skeletons in a Roman cemetery dating from the late fourth and early fifth centuries. The bones of adults contained ten times the amount of lead and children had even more.

Evidence suggests that several emperors encouraged Romans to have children, declining population perhaps resulting from drinking lead poison to death and extinction. Fortunately, the Eastern Roman Empire had fewer lead mines and used earthenware for pottery.

In a way, we are as unaware of potential toxins in our food supply and blissfully ignorant as the Romans were about their use of lead. Our global food production and safety is being watched and augmented via Codex Alimentarius (Latin for “Book of Food”), proposed by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Health Organization in 1963 under the United Nations umbrella.

The Codex Alimentarius approved substance, initium, was introduced in Romania on December 31, 2009 when the Boc government was asked by the European Union to begin using it on grapes, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions under the name Enervin and Zampro. Instead of lead, the offending substance is initium.

I am not suggesting that initium is lead, but it has the potential to alter our food supply in a fundamental way, possibly damaging our cells, along with genetically engineered plants and seeds, and coupled with the control of vitamins and nutritional supplements.

Initium is a new class of chemicals imposed by Codex Alimentarius as a fungicide; additionally, it increases the growth rate of crops. “Initium is an innovative fungicidal active ingredient developed by BASF.” First registrations have been achieved in Romania, the Netherlands, and the UK. Other countries are slated to follow, Germany, France, USA, and Canada.

The idea behind using chemical substances such as initium under Codex Alimentarius is that the earth cannot feed the entire globe naturally, and we must resort to artificial means through chemicals and genetic engineering in order to obtain higher crop yields, especially since we are competing with animals for scarce resources.

Governments deride as conspiracy theorists those who say that the use of initium and genetic engineering would reduce the globe’s population through increased rates of cancer. Independent unofficial research claims that initium causes higher rates of colon cancer by as much as 65 percent more. One milligram of initium requires an entire year to be eliminated from the body. If produce is eaten daily, initium will never be eliminated, accelerating cell growth into tumors, similarly to the accelerated growth in vegetable cells. Romanian authorities are happy that initium will double crop yields in a short period.

Codex began when the United Nations authorized the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization to develop a universal food code in order to “harmonize” regulations for dietary supplements worldwide and set international safety standards for the purpose of international trade. When Big Pharma stepped in, Codex began focusing not so much on food safety but on controlling vitamins and food supplements.

Codex supersedes U.S. domestic laws without the American people’s voice or vote. Under the terms of the Uruguay round of GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade), which created the World Trade Organization (WTO), the United States agreed to harmonize its domestic laws to the international standards. Standards for dietary supplements developed by the United Nation’s Codex Alimentarius Commission’s Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Use are included.

Our federal government must change federal laws and require state and local governments to change their laws in accordance with international law. “Members are fully responsible under this Agreement for the observance of all provisions… members shall formulate and implement positive measures and mechanisms in support of the observance of the provisions…by other than central government bodies.” (WTO TBT Agreement at Article 3.5)

If we allow United Nations, the World Trade Organization, and the World Health Organization to control our food, they control our people, our freedom, and our population. Consequences of such control:


  • Genetically engineered or altered foods, supplements, seeds and pesticides will be sold worldwide with or without labeling
  • Dietary supplements would not be sold for preventive or therapeutic use
  • Low doses will be sold by Big Pharma at higher potencies and higher prices
  • Prescriptions will be required for higher potencies
  • Garlic and peppermint could be classified as drugs or a third category (neither food nor drug) that only Big Pharma could regulate or sell
  • New dietary supplements would be banned unless approved by Codex

Vitamin C above 200 mg, vitamin E above 45 IUs, vitamin B1 over 2.4 mg, and other vitamins in normal doses are illegal in Norway and Germany. The Norway pharmaceutical company, Shering-Plough, controls the production of Echinacea tincture, ginkgo, and other herbs.

Paul Hellyer says in his book, “The Evil Empire,” “Codex Alimentarius is supported by international banks and multinational corporations… and is in reality a bill of rights for these banks and the corporations they control. It will hand over our sovereign rights concerning who may or may not invest in our countries to an unelected world organization run by big business.”

It is time to wake up, take control back from the United Nations before we become another has been superpower or worse yet, a modern extinguished Roman Empire.

Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh is a writer for Canada Free Press, Modern Conservative, speaker, author, and radio commentator. "Echoes of Communism" is available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle. Her second book on Agenda 21 will be coming out in February 2012. 





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Super-cut By Committee or Deeper Cut By Calamity?
Jared McAndersen
November 22, 2011 Budgets, Deficits, and Debts

I'm currently on a self-imposed, much needed break from blogging, but my partner in a project I'm working on, OMG! For America (OMG!=Obama Must Go!) posted a great video on the not so Super-Committee that is a must see.

Check out OMG! For America here, or at our Facebook page here.

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Drinking Global Warming Propaganda
Ileana Johnson
November 21, 2011 Environment


On a recent flight, I was handed a bright, red and white napkin with cute polar bears on both sides with the logo, “Together We Can Help Protect Their Home.” The Coca Cola famous trademark was augmented by the words, “Arctic Home.”

I decided to check their Arctic Home website. It was exquisitely done, with soothing, sleep-inducing sounds of ocean waves and beautiful shots of polar bears in their Arctic habitat. The site explained, “Our goal, in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, is to raise awareness and funds to help create a safe haven for polar bears on Arctic refuge. As a symbol of our commitment, for the first time ever, we are turning our red Coca Cola can white. Please join us by making a donation so the polar bear always has a place to call home.”

Coca Cola will give up to $1 million in total donations made with a product code through March 15, 2012. The dollar count so far was $25,419. It seemed like a worthy cause. However, I was not aware that the polar bears needed a safe haven on Arctic refuge, their home turf. I do not know of many people currently or in the past that have made too many tracks on Arctic refuge, deliberately trying to disrupt their home.

I do know that Al Gore made a Power Point presentation to the Nobel Prize committee, claiming that the polar bear habitat is threatened by global warming. Since bears cannot find ice floes to rest on, as ice areas are rapidly melting, polar bears were drowning. The statement was proven later to be utterly false. It is sad that the truly deserving candidate, who saved thousands of Jewish children from the Holocaust, lost her Nobel Peace Prize to Al Gore.

Coca Cola had another related link, Live Under many headings such as Planet, Climate Protection, Sustainability, Water Conservation, Community Partnerships, Global Water Challenge, Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Packaging, Water Stewardship, Water Footprint Assessment, I was struck by the similarity of its goals and buzzwords to the goals of UN Agenda 21.

I found out that a way had been devised to measure water footprint. I was familiar with the hoax of measuring carbon footprint, a way to carbon tax offending corporations and enrich the coffers of governments, particularly the United Nations. The Cap and Trade legislation that failed in Congress would have made many people billionaires, including Al Gore.

The Water Stewardship and Replenish Report of January 2011 documents how the Nature Conservancy and Global Environment and Technology Foundation developed the methodologies in calculating liters of water replenished. (Community Water Partnership Reports)

Community Watershed Partnership is “working to provide safe water to primary schools in Western Kenya” and other countries.

The World Wildlife Fund, Global Water Challenge, United Nations Development Programme, the Nature Conservancy, CARE, Ocean Conservancy, the CEO Water Mandate, are NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) trying to influence our public policy on water use and reuse without input from Congress or American voters.

Every time global organizations and companies use global governance to tell us how to live, how to be better stewards of the environment, we are losing our freedom to govern ourselves. Global governance is “The framework of rules, institutions, and practices that set limits on behavior of individuals, organizations, and companies.” (Henry Lamb)

Global governance and our Constitution are at odds and they cannot co-exist. Under global governance, the governed derive their freedom from the consent of the government. Our “we the people” freedom under the U.S. Constitution is a gift from our Creator.

As the Constitution declares, “All legislative power herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.” “No legislative power is supposed to go anywhere except to the people who you, the citizens of America, elect.” (Lord Monckton)

“Together with our bottling partners, we collaborate with the World Wildlife Fund, United Nations Development Programme, Global Water Challenge, CARE, Ocean Conservancy and others to protect watersheds and support initiatives that bring clean water and sanitation to underserved areas. Since 2005, we have developed Community Water Partnerships, with more than 320 projects in 86 countries

We also are involved with the Water Footprint Network to develop standards and guidelines for water footprint accounting and to define the concept of water neutrality. In 2010, we collaborated with The Nature Conservancy to look at water footprint s as a water resource management tool in a report titled Product Water Footprint Assessments. This work complements our engagement with the CEO Water Mandate, a joint initiative of the United Nations Global Compact and the government of Sweden. The CEO Water Mandate seeks to build an international movement of committed companies working to develop strategies and solutions to help address the water challenges facing the world today.”(Coca Cola website)

Since the Coca Cola site describes what steps they have taken to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce greenhouse gasses emissions, it is apparent that the myth of global warming, now renamed climate change has not died, on the contrary, it has gained track.

United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon called on world leaders this week at a conference in Bangladesh to collaborate on establishing a multi-billion dollar fund to combat global warming. The whole world knows that global warming is a left wing manufactured hoax. Nobody has any money to give third world nations because all developed nations are broke. Nevertheless, he wants to establish a $100 billion dollar green fund each year dedicated to help countries most affected by global warming, taming the damage caused by climate change. There are no rising sea levels and there is no increased salinity of ocean water as he claims. In his opinion, the global economic crisis should not hinder the effort to fund $100 billion each year.

Nobody disputes the fact that climate does change, and that the earth does go through periods of intense natural disasters, but it has not been proven scientifically that human behavior and activity is causing them. Scientists have demonstrated the existence of intense solar flares activity and actual global cooling, when temperatures were compared over decades.

People do care about nature, a clean environment, recycling natural resources, including water, and preserving as many of the earth’s species as possible. However, Paul Watson, the co-founder of Greenpeace has said, The data does not matter, it does not matter what is true, it onlymatters what people believe is true.” Indeed, people believe what they are told, if repeated enough, no matter what the accurate scientific data bears.

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis,”said David Rockefeller, the Club of Rome executive member. Judi Bari, principal organizer of Earth First provides that major crisis, the supposed human destruction of the environment.”If we do not overthrow capitalism, we do not have a chance of saving the world ecologically. I think it is possible to have an ecologically sound society under socialism. I don’t think it is possible under capitalism.” Having lived under communism for twenty years, I have experienced firsthand the severe air, water, and soil pollution that we experienced on a daily basis. I have also seen the dangerous smog in China during the Olympic Games.

As Lord Monckton aptly described in a recent interview for the Daily Caller, we must revisit the global warming debacle. “The environmental agenda of the hard left, socialist, fascist, communist agenda has virtually nothing to do with the environment.”

The global warming debacle “lacks academic rigor, intellectual honesty, and the scientific method once the hallmark of the West.” We are indebted to the unknown person at the University at East Anglia who released ten years of emails between faux scientists. The incorrect data drove the debate in the direction of indoctrinating the planet into the Green Monster, UN Agenda 21 plan. A massive campaign was launched to de-develop the United States.

In spite of defeating Cap and Trade, the Climate-gate scandal, cheating and malevolence of East Anglia University bad scientists, the global warming fallacy remains an active problem because, at the level of the states, various regional greenhouse gas initiatives are still being put in place. The governor of Maryland is trying to turn the state into a “corporate fascist state” with his Plan Maryland. California has introduced draconian measures to control the harmless trace gas carbon dioxide, necessary for all life. (Lord Monckton)

The Club of Rome, an environmental think-tank, consultants to the United Nations, shocked me with their blatantly false and outrageous statement that validated how the hard left thinks and acts, “The common enemy of humanity is man. In search of a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine, and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”

Climate scaremongering “is nothing less than shutting down the West.” If you shut down Maryland completely and return it to Stone Age, it will be extinguished or offset by three days of economic activity in China.  “This global warming scare is an attempt to establish a tyranny over the mind of man. A love of nature… is something that lies very deep within all of us, and this is what the hard left is so ruthlessly and so profitably exploiting.” Don’t ever give money again to the Environmental Defense Fund, Greenpeace, and the Worldwide Fund, no matter how many cuddly teddy bears, panda bears, or penguins they show you.” In spite of spending $3 billion on environmental propaganda, these organizations are losing the argument. (Lord Monckton)

As soon as I finish this article, I will stop drinking Coca Cola products, I will order two cases of Rush Limbaugh’s tea, “Two if by Tea” and I will drink to polar bears that have nothing to fear from human activity.

Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh is a speaker, radio commentator, freelance writer for Canada Free Press, Modern Conservative, Romanian Conservative, and author. "Echoes of Communism" is available at Amazaon in paperback and Kindle. Her second book, Agenda 21, will be out on February 2012.

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Life Under Obama
Burt Prelutsky
November 21, 2011 Partisan Politics

 When liberals insist that the reason Obama is faring so badly in the polls is because most of us are racists, does it never occur to them that they’re like the boy who cried “Wolf!”?

Let us say that, unlike Michael Bloomberg, Henry Waxman and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, you’re not a career politician, but merely a run-of-the-mill Democrat.  Wouldn’t it ever occur to you to wonder why it is that if we’re all racists, how it is that Obama won the election three years ago?  And how is it that a guy who’s much blacker than Obama, Herman Cain, is doing so well with conservatives?  And how is it that the likes of Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, Walter Williams, Ward Connerly, Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas and Allen West, are universally liked and admired by Republicans?

Why aren’t white liberals repulsed when such corrupt public figures as Maxine Waters, Charles Rangel, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, take it upon themselves to determine who is “authentically black”?  Inasmuch as liberals constantly repeat Martin Luther King’s admonition that people be judged on the basis of their character and not their pigmentation, how is it that in their circles decent character is inevitably trumped by party affiliation?

When I think of liberals, both in and out of public office, I’m reminded that Groucho Marx once cracked, “These are my principles and if you don’t like them, I have others.”

One of the amazing things about those on the Left is that they switch words around so often that it’s hard to keep track of what they’re blathering about.  People got so upset with ACORN once they discovered that the group was quite happy to help fund a brothel that was going to be populated by underage Guatemalan girls that they insisted that their tax dollars no longer be allocated for their loathsome activities.  No problem.  ACORN simply changed its name.

When the scandal at East Anglia revolving around scientists destroying evidence that suggested that “global warming” was a hoax came out, Al Gore and his enablers, reluctant to allow their favorite cash cow to be slaughtered, simply started referring to “climate change”.

When American taxpayers finally had enough of Obama and his crew trying to raise taxes during a recession, a move that Senator Obama had insisted was goofy, and a move that helped prolong the Great Depression when FDR did that very thing twice during the 1930s, the liberals simply started referring to taxes as fees and revenues.  For an example of the way that taxes are raised without our having to sit down in April and write a check to the IRS, consider that $61 of a $400 roundtrip ticket on an airline goes straight to the feds.  Here in California, when the rest of the country was whining about gasoline going for $3.70-a-gallon, we were paying well over four dollars, all thanks to Jerry Brown and his band of merry fee collectors in Sacramento.

Recently, radio talk show host Dennis Prager pointed out that people are not, as some lunkheads insist, basically good.  Even babies, he said, aren’t good; they are merely innocent.  If they were good, they would occasionally say to themselves, “Mom and Dad are really tired.  Even though I’m hungry and a little thirsty, I’ll let them sleep.”  It led me to realize that not only was Prager absolutely right, but that liberals and babies have a great deal in common.  Like babies, liberals will holler and whine whenever they want something, fully expecting the government to feed them, clothe them and change their nappies.

Actually, you could say that Obama will likely go down in history as the Family President.  After all, none of his predecessors ever did as much to keep the family unit intact.  First off, Obama saw to it that people would remain on their parent’s health insurance policies until they reached the rather advanced age of 26.  Then, because Obama’s economic policies have destroyed the job market, he saw to it that young college grads had no option but to move back in with their parents.  That is why you now see so many morose middle-aged parents breaking out those old “Child on Board” cards and sticking them in the back window of their SUVs.

Finally, if you’ve ever wondered what the Augean Stables were, wonder no longer.  It seems that King Augeas owned a herd of 3,000 oxen.  For reasons I’m not clear about, he neglected to have the stables cleaned out on a weekly, monthly or even yearly, basis.  In fact, by the time he thought about it, 30 years had flown by.  So when he told Hercules to take care of it, it wasn’t simply a matter of breaking out a hoe and a hose.  Faced with this seemingly impossible task, Hercules did what most of us wouldn’t have even considered.  I, myself, would have burned the place down.  He, on the other hand, simply diverted the Alpheus River to run through the stables and wash away several tons of accumulated oxen poop.

Reading about it got me to thinking that after January 20, 2013, someone should bring Hercules out of retirement so he can divert the Potomac and tidy up the White House.

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2012: The Mainstream Media's Second Chance
David Leeper
November 19, 2011 Bias: Media

Dear Mainstream Media:

As Newt Gingrich surges to the lead in various Presidential candidacy polls, I see you are turning your vaunted research and vetting capabilities toward Newt. This is as it should be, and Newt has said he fully expects it.

So go for it. Leave no stone unturned. Do all the serious thoughtful research and all the tabloid-style exposés you can manage.  As voters, we've all come to expect as much from you for Republican candidates, especially the Conservative ones.

But recognize this:

Barack Obama will also be a candidate in the next election.  Why not vet him too, with equal fervor?   Isn't he worth another close look?

Sure, you can look again at Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, Frank Marshall Davis, and others from Obama's past.  You can try again (more seriously this time?) to find something about his college experience, his written works, his mentors, and his transcripts.  You can find and interview some professors and classmates who knew him.   You have a second chance to do all those things you should have done the first time.

But now you could do so much more.  Obama has an open, current record you can investigate.

In particular, you could now vet the dozens (indeed, hundreds) of his appointees over the past three years, especially his many czars and other political appointees that ended up in the DOJ, FCC, HHS, EPA, NLRB, and elsewhere.  Is there a pattern in there somewhere?  Do they share some common origins or a common set of core beliefs?  What are those beliefs?  What is that core?

Isn't that the kind of research that journalism is supposed to be about?  Are you afraid of what you might find?  Are you true investigative journalists or just advocates for a cause?  Do you know and appreciate the difference?   Show us this time that you do.  Please.  Show us.

There aren't many professions as critical as yours where its practitioners ever get a second chance.  The lead-up to the 2012 election is your second chance to vet Barack Obama.   You will never get another.  What will you make of it?

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Catching up on the News
Burt Prelutsky
November 18, 2011 Partisan Politics


Recently, I took a rare vacation.  Inasmuch as I am not gainfully employed, I agree it’s a strange concept.  “A vacation from what?” is a question that would certainly spring to my mind.  In this case, it meant that I was out of town and off the computer.  But, apparently being something of a masochist, I continued to monitor the news of the day.  Or, to be precise, I should say the news of the week.

During that period, the leader of the Libyan rebels confirmed that the country would now exist under sharia law.  As I expected when I first heard about the Arab Spring, only simpletons can ever be overjoyed at the notion of a tyrant being overthrown in that part of the world.  King Farouk was bad, Gamal Nasser was worse. The Shah of Iran was bad, the Ayatollah Khomeini was worse.  Hosni Mubarak was bad, the generals are worse.  Muammar Kaddafi was bad, his assassins will be worse.  I understand that the Muslim Brotherhood has already sent roses and a box of candy to NATO.

When I say that Arab and Muslim coups and revolutions inevitably end badly, I mean for America.  For those who live in those countries, it’s merely a matter of trading one set of sadists for another.  Because we are the people who benefitted from the efforts of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison and Franklin, we tend to have a soft spot in our hearts for those who rise up against despots.  But, as the results of such uprisings bring the likes of Robespierre, Napoleon, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Castro, to power, I’d say that the optimism over such bloody events merely proves that we have an even larger soft spot in our heads.

In the wake of Obama’s announcing that all American troops will be out of Iraq by year’s end, I saw that someone came up with a figure in excess of $800 billion as the cost of the war.  Frankly, I was surprised that it hadn’t been even more expensive.  The reason I say that is because the price tag was the same as that for Obama’s Stimulus.  Frankly, even I was shocked that the Democrats could pass a single piece of loony legislation that cost the American taxpayers as much money as we spent conducting a decade-long war halfway across the world.

Watching as much news as I did, I began to think that I may be the only American who hasn’t been polled in the past month.  For some reason, the Occupy Wall Street crowd brought the pollsters out in droves.  For instance, I read that 37% of the public agrees with the demonstrators, although none of the pollsters were able to determine what it is that the nebbishes are demonstrating against.  What we have been told is that a third of them are okay with using violence to get their way, a third of them find a moral equivalency between the United States and Al Qaeda and, I’m guessing, at least a third of them, who are zealots when it comes to banning tobacco, fossil fuels and those they deem corporate polluters, regard personal hygiene as a sure sign of selling out to a capitalist society.

Harry Reid, who is often in the running when it comes to competing for the most bone-headed statement of the day, week or month, made a valiant attempt to cop the crown by announcing that unemployment in the private sector is in fine shape and now we only need to concern ourselves with government employees.  But close, as we all know, only counts in horseshoes.

The clear winner in the competition was Joe Biden for warning us that if the Republicans didn’t pass Obama’s Jobs Bill, aka Bastard Son of Stimulus I, America would be faced with soaring rates of murder and rape.

Now, so far as I can tell, the sociopaths who commit those particular crimes are in no way influenced by the state of the economy, but solely by their own lack of empathy and plain old human decency.  Therefore, I can only assume Biden meant that the rapes and murders would be committed by those disgruntled teachers, firemen and cops.  You know, the same folks that liberal politicians are forever trying to forge into yet another voting bloc composed of alleged victims.

In short, his basic message is that if you know what’s good for you, you’ll either keep over-feeding the beasts known as public sector unions or you can expect -- and fully deserve -- to suffer the violent consequences.

I must confess that until the Vice-President called it to my attention, I never even suspected that if we downtrodden taxpayers merely asked these people to contribute to their own pension and health plans, we would be personally responsible for turning all these dedicated firemen and seemingly benign math teachers into wild-eyed rapists and murderers.

My own advice is to be sure you pack a .45 the next time you attend a PTA meeting.

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Occupy Wall Street is nothing but a Union Movement
Kimberly Morin
November 17, 2011

Occupy Wall Street has tried to paint themselves as a 'grassroots' movement of the 99%.  However it's become increasingly clear that they have become nothing more than a union movement - the 12% of this country.  Tonight an organization called sponsored an event at Foley Square in New York City. claims to be 'Fighting for a city that works for all' with no links on their site (what can been seen of it) that tells people who they REALLY are - the SEIU.  From their 'About Us' page:

 About United NY

We’re standing up for a vision of New York City where everyone, not just a privileged few, has the opportunity to thrive and build a secure, dignified life for themselves and their families. Corporations, big banks and Wall Street are making billions in profits. They should be investing in good jobs and paying their fair share in taxes so we can stop the cuts to education, healthcare, public transportation and other vital city services.
It was aka SEIU that set up many of the 'Occupy Events':

Their facebook page claims they are a Community Organization - never mentions they are the SEIU:

Since some in the OWS claim to be against money in politics, one would find it strange that they would bed with unions since unions spend billions in politicking and do exactly the same thing as what OWS claims corporations do.  It was also strange to hear the OWS chanting well known union chants over and over ('This is what Democracy looks like' etc etc).  Most people just thought unions jumped on the bandwagon - not true. domain was created in APRIL 2011:

The following shows the IP Address of the website:

The following then links the IP addy to the SEIU in Washington D.C.:

So much for Occupy Wall Street being grassroots.  The Occupiers who had no clue about the union involvment are nothing but 'useful idiots' for unions and the far left wing.  The reason there was money and 'tech guys' to set up local phone lines and websites was because OWS is NOT a grassroots movement.  It's a sham.  Occupy Wall Street isn't about the 99%.  It's about the 12% that are UNION in this country.  Period.

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Cutting Through The Political Manure
Burt Prelutsky
November 17, 2011 Partisan Politics


When Obama insists that tax hikes will be offset by future spending cuts, run -- don’t walk! -- and hang on to your wallets.  When it comes to keeping their promises, politicians are notoriously untrustworthy.
Back in the 70s, Nixon and Kissinger agreed to withdraw from Vietnam on the condition that Congress would continue supplying our South Vietnam allies with money and armaments.  Congress didn’t, and as a result, the Communists massacred millions of Southeast Asians.
In 1982, Reagan signed the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act (TEFRA), which congressional Democrats promised would lead to three dollars in spending cuts for every dollar in tax increases.  Take a guess which one didn’t happen.  The tax increases, by the way, were to be obtained by closing tax loopholes.  (Sound vaguely familiar?)
Reagan lived to regret that deal, but it didn’t prevent the Gipper from being snookered yet again in 1986, when he signed a general amnesty for illegal aliens because the Democrats vowed to close the borders.  We can all see, 15 million illegal aliens later, how well that worked out.
Reagan’s successor, George H.W. Bush, clearly wasn’t paying close attention because he pledged not to raise taxes -- “Read my lips”-- because the Democrats promised budget cuts.
I swear, the only example I can think of where one party has been sucker-punched more often than Republican presidents is America’s favorite nebbish, Charlie Brown, who kept falling for Lucy’s promise not to pull the football away when he was about to kick it.
If there are bigger dummies than those Republicans who trust liberals to behave honorably, it must be those besotted voters who proudly identify themselves as Independents.
I know they puff themselves up because, unlike those of us who realize that there are existential wars being waged between Israel and the Palestinians, between western civilization and Islam, and between conservatives and leftists, they like to regard themselves as clear-thinking individuals who are above what they ignorantly dismiss as partisan frays.
They bray that they want to see Republicans and Democrats act in concert, joining together to do what’s best for America.  What they are too dumb to recognize is that there is no conceivable common ground when one side, in its perpetual trolling for support from unions and minority groups, regards tax dollars as the easiest and cheapest way to buy votes.  One side believes in smaller government, the abiding wisdom of the Constitution and American sovereignty; the other side believes that the federal government should be even larger and more powerful; that the Constitution isn’t worth the parchment it’s written on; and that American sovereignty is a foolish conceit, and that American law and influence should be subordinate to the United Nations, the World Court, the ACLU, Sharia and Obama’s whims.
Having recently seen a production of “1776,” I was reminded that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson couldn’t wait to get away from the Continental Congress.  Part of the reason was the weather in a pre-air conditioned Philadelphia and part of the reason was that they missed their wives.  For his part, George Washington turned down the crown and only agreed to be President because he put love of country ahead of his personal preferences.
Compare that to our current politicians, who must be dragged kicking and screaming from office.  It suggests to me that life in our nation’s capital is far too comfy these days.  Therefore, I move that we cut off air conditioning in the summer and the heat in winter.  Only when Barney Frank starts sweating like a pig and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz starts whining about the cold will we see how dedicated they, along with Henry Waxman, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, are to public service.

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